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October 2, 2014: Integrating social impact management and stakeholder relations, by Richard Parsons

As corporate social responsibility (CSR) has matured, many concepts and tools have been developed to help manage particular aspects of it. We now speak not only of CSR but also of social impact assessment (SIA), social impact management planning, stakeholder engagement, social licence, social return on investment, social accounting, integrated reporting, and materiality analysis. And […]

September 30, 2014: Reflections on World Water Week, by Mark Thomas

Water is life: a truism for sure, but no less true – and eminently self-evident at this year’s World Water Week (WWW, August 31-September 5) where the theme was water and energy, centred on the nexus between the two. The World Water Week is a long and jam-packed week, beginning on Sunday and finishing Friday […]